December 13, 2010

Wood Sanding for a "Green" Finish

If you're hopping on board the "Green Finishing" train, you need to consider how to move from solvent-based coatings into water-based finishing. The average final sanding grit for solvent-based finishes ranges between 150-220 grit. When using water-based finishes, the final sanding grit usually runs between 220-280 grit. Moving to a higher abrasive grit for water-based finishes allows for a higher polish of the wood to reduce fiber raise and minimize stain blotching of the wood.

Softer species of wood will stain best when up to 280 grit sanding abrasives are used. Harder, tight grained species of wood may only need the 220 grit as a final sand. To be successful in water-based finishing, you need to rethink the process from start to finish. This surface preparation is your first step.

If you would like to try some sample sanding products in a finer grit for water-based finishing, please visit our website at or give us a call at 800-814-7358!

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