August 27, 2014


Back to Basics: Cloth Sheets

Most abrasive products, like sanding belts and sanding
discs, are ready to use right out of the box. But other sanding
supplies--like sandpaper or cloth sheets and rolls, usually need
to be cut to size before you are ready to sand with them. And
some abrasives benefit from being “broken in” before sanding
to improve their performance. Here are some “tried and true”
tips for handling cloth sheets:

Most cloth backed sanding sheets have a flexible, J weight fabric backing and
are available in grits 40-400. They are seen as a general purpose abrasive for
wood or metal and can be used by hand or attached to high speed vibrating
sanders. Abrasive Resource also converts custom-sized cloth backed sheets
for specific industrial or artistic applications. 

For more information on cloth sheets, visit the Abrasive Resource website 

or call us at 800-814-7358.

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