September 30, 2014


Basic Sanders

The basic styles of portable sanders haven’t changed very much over the years. We have some old advertising posters from the Rockwell Manufacturing company in 1964 matted, framed and hanging in our lobby here at Abrasive Resource and they, quite frankly, look a lot like sanders you can purchase today… although they do look much heavier! Sanding is a chore—there’s no way around it. But today’s new models can make it easier:

Basic Portable Sanders:

belts sander
Belt Sanders- Portable belt sanders are made for fast removal of stock. They will quickly smooth down and level a surface, remove paint or glue lines. They are available in several sizes, but the most popular handle belts in a 3" x 18", 3" x 21", 3" x 24" or 4" x 24" size. 

Random Orbit Sanders- Once the surface has been leveled with a belt sander, the next sander to use may be a random orbit disc sander. These sanders use an oscillating action that removes swirl marks. Random–orbit sanders may be palm sanders or have a grip design and are available in either a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA disc) design or a hook and loop disc option.

Finish & Detail Sanders- Finish sanders typically use a straight-line or vibrating action. They are sold in half sheet, third sheet and quarter sheet models as well as small palm style detail models that are often referred to as mouse, triangle or diamond sanders. Finish and detail sanders are available in all different shapes, but they all have the ability to get into tight places and corners.

Abrasive Resource laser cuts coated abrasive discs, sheets and strips in all different shapes, sizes and grits. If you need a hard-to-find sheet for a specific sander or application, please give us a call at 800-814-7358 and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot it with you!

For reviews on specific sander models, we referenced this article:

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