September 28, 2012

Should you do an Abrasive Audit?

An abrasive audit is a detailed recording over a two week period of all the abrasives that are being used in your production, along with the details on how the abrasive is being used. Looking at the cost, usage and application of every abrasive product in your shop or plant can lead to productivity gains, improvement in processes, opportunities for supply consolidation and cost reduction.

We walked through this process a while back with a furniture manufacturer. After assessing their requirements over a few phone conversations and emails, we determined that our company could offer a significant savings to this furniture manufacturer in their abrasives purchases. We switched them to a new and improved abrasive belt material which reduced their pricing resulting in a savings of $59,142.00 for this customer in a one year period. In addition, our sanding belts lasted approximately 15% longer than the former supplier’s belts. Consequently, this customer was able to use approximately 294 fewer belts in the same time frame. Bottom line savings totaled 62% by switching to belts offered by Abrasive Resource.

Things important to know during an abrasive audit:
  1. What are the abrasives currently being used for each part and what is its cost?
  2. What is the number of pieces or parts you are able to finish per abrasive product?
  3. What is the amount of each abrasive you buy in a year?
  4. Are there bottleneck areas where the sanding operation is slowing things down?
  5. Does one operator or operation consistently consume more abrasives than another?
  6. Have there been changes in technology that might help improve productivity or cost?
If you would like to prepare for your own abrasive audit, gather past order information on the abrasives you purchase. You will want to make a list of all the products that you buy along with specifications and quantities. Your abrasive supplier will be happy to walk alongside you during this audit—giving suggestions, sending samples and providing quotations so that you can assess your particular situation and improve the grinding and finishing processes in your plant. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at Abrasive Resource. Abrasive products are all we do. And if you’re not makin’ dust, you’re eatin’ it!

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