September 23, 2015

Choosing the right Fiber Disc for your grinding application

An angle grinder is a useful tool for any shop! You can use bonded grinding wheels, cut-off wheels, overlap discs or standard fiber discs all on this same tool for many different applications in metalworking, woodworking and stone or tile.

Abrasive Resource just lowered their prices on resin fiber grinding discs, so we thought it would be a good time to review all of the different applications where a fiber disc would be effective:

Aluminum Oxide: A general purpose abrasive used for metal or wood. Removes small welds and imperfections along with light stock removal, blending and finishing. Wood applications include log furniture and homes. These AO discs are also used in light-duty metal applications on low alloy steel or when loading is a problem, such as painted surfaces or aluminum. 

Zirconia: The workhorse of the fiber disc world. Zirconia refractures for longer life when used in high pressure applications like stock removal on Chrome and chrome-nickel steel or high-alloy steel. Used for applications that include blending, deburring and weld removal. Generally lasts twice as long as an aluminum oxide disc when used in the proper application. 

Ceramic: A premium abrasive for high heat generating applications such as stainless as it resists glazing and provides long life. The choice of metalworking professionals due to self-sharpening characteristics that provide high stock removal rates. Features cool cutting technology for reducing heat and increasing performance. Ideal for grinding and blending welds. 

Silicon Carbide: Excellent on titanium, fiberglass, plastics, and stone, tile and masonry products. Sharp silicon carbide abrasive grain quickly “bites” to remove any coatings such as adhesives, paint, acrylics, mastics, etc. Aggressive cutting action provides a clean, smooth finish on concrete, marble, granite, and other stonework. 

To purchase any of these discs at the new lower price, please visit the Abrasive Resource fiber disc home page on our website to find the discs best for you!

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