March 30, 2006

Wet or Dry Sandpaper

Here at Abrasive Resource, we sell sleeve after sleeve of waterproof silicon carbide paper. It's used in almost all of our markets--automotive & marine, cultured marble, woodworking, metalworking, stone, glass, plastic and even rubber!

The history behind this versatile abrasive is an interesting one. A man named Francis Okie, a printing ink manufacturer in Philadelphia, had an idea for a new type of waterproof sandpaper. Okie's idea was for a revolutionary new sandpaper that could be used with water or oil. Wet abrading would reduce the dust hazards created from some of the dry sanding applications and also create a smoother finish.

Francis was so confident of the cutting power of his wet or dry sandpaper, he supposedly kept a piece of it in his club locker and shaved with it before golfing!

In 1921 the 3M Company purchased the rights to waterproof sandpaper from Mr. Okie for $1.00.

Are you using the black SC waterproof paper in your shop? We carry several different brands and would be happy to help you determine which would be best for your application...

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