July 19, 2006

Sanding Wood

I thought we had one of the only blogs that extolled the virtues of sandpaper. Well, while doing an Internet search I ran across another blog where the writer sings the praises of sanding! It's called "Stay of Execution" and this entry is from awhile back, but let me share a little bit of it with you...

I don't do it much, but there's something that I've always loved about sanding wood. I like the repetitive back and forth, feeling the slight scrape beneath my fingers. I like seeing the soft tracks that the sandpaper leaves in the wood, a dusty faded trail. I like touching the wood and feeling its texture, the rough spots that you haven't gotten to and the smooth powdery feel where you have already been. The wood dust on your fingers and even the way it tickles your nose a bit...

Isn't Sherry a good writer? She has captured the emotions behind sanding wood--a tactile, artistic sense of accomplishment! To see the whole entry, visit her blog at:
Stay of Execution
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