September 12, 2007

Lathe Woodworking

This idea was featured awhile ago in "American Woodworker" magazine and I was reminded of it the other day while watching a customer work on his lathe--sanding on a lathe can be hard on your fingertips!

To protect your fingers, cut the fingertips off a latex-dipped work glove and wear one or two of the fingertips while sanding. It serves a dual purpose--protects your skin and it also makes it much easier to hold onto the sandpaper. You can find these gloves at a hardware store for less than $10!
Safety Note: Don't wear the whole glove while working on your lathe. You could be seriously injured if the glove got caught on either your turning project or the lathe itself.

Basic Sanders

The basic styles of portable sanders haven’t changed very much over the years. We have some old advertising posters from the Rockwell Manuf...