February 16, 2010

Surface Prep on Metallic Paint Cars

In the January 2010 issue of Bodyshop Business, contributor Nathan Tarr writes on how to "Conquer Metallic Colors". Nate is both Sikkens certified and PPG certified and has been working as a painter for the past five years. Here's an excerpt pertaining to the importance of proper sanding...
Surface Prep: As with all facets of working with tough metallic paint jobs, your surface prep needs to be extra thorough. Any errant sanding or scuffing scratch is no big deal on normal paint jobs, but it can be magnified 10 times when working on a champagne color or anything Honda has named Satin Silver Metallic. Being a little less aggressive will serve you well during your paint job. Consider bringing the sanding grits you use down a notch, and be extra careful with any scuff sanding. There’s no real need to be pressing down on a scuffing pad like a gorilla. With a carefully prepped and clean panel, the risk of any cringe-worthy metallic tracking will be minimized.
To read the entire article visit the Bodyshop Business website.

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