August 23, 2011

Abrasive Resource introduces the new “Big Foot” Sanding System

Abrasive Resource, a leading US converter and distributor of abrasive sanding supplies, is pleased to announce its’ expansion into manufacturing drive pads and custom back-up pads for use on the GEM® Orbital Sander/Polisher. These slip on pads, along with 11 x 5 or 12 x 6 hook and loop sanding discs, make up the Big Foot Sanding System.

Abrasive Resource has served the wood and solid surface markets with sanding discs for over 25 years and the addition of custom back-up pads designed for use on the GEM Industries® Orbital Sander was a natural progression in their offering of abrasive products and supplies. Now, in addition to distributing the popular GEM sander, Abrasive Resource will also provide fabricators and shops with options of an 11” diameter pad with a 5” center hole or a 12” diameter pad with a 6” center hole.

The Big Foot Sanding System allows the sanding pressure to be concentrated on the outside diameter of the back-up pad. This provides a uniform scratch pattern and relieves any loading that may be created in the center of a traditional solid sanding disc. The slip on back up pads are tapered on the edge to enable finishing all of the way up to a back splash. In addition, the 5” or 6” center cut out discs are available with any vacuum hole pattern and are included at no charge to use with a shop’s smaller disc sanders.

To learn more about the “Big Foot” Sanding System, visit

Introductory kits are available in the 11” x 5” size at .

The 12” x 6” size can be found at .

Media Contact:
Debbie Swanson
Abrasive Resource
900 Lund Boulevard #100
, MN 55303

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