November 26, 2013

Are you interested in grinding welds with a flap disc?

Overlap flap discs grind like a depressed center wheel and blend like a fiber disc all in one operation, reducing production time and lowering costs.

Premium closed coat blue Zirconia abrasive flap discs are the best all-around overlap disc capable of fast cutting, long life and superior finish. Backing is made from non-flexible consumable fiberglass.Choose from either standard density or the thicker, high density Xtreme disc. Use in place of a grinding wheel or fiber disc on a right angle grinder for stock removal, grinding and blending of welds, castings and other metal finishing.

Choose from Type 27 flat discs that are designed for finishing on flat surfaces and used at up to a 15 degree angle or the Type 29 conical discs, which are to be used at a 15 - 25 degree angle and are the best choice for speed and maximum stock removal.

Please go to the Overlap discs on our website and find the size that works for your grinder.

Please watch
this great you tube video by Kevin Caron on how to use these flap discs . . .

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