September 22, 2017

How to grind safely when using resin fiber discs

An angle grinder is a popular power tool used for grinding using abrasive products. Various types 
of abrasive products can be used for grinding, also known also as de-burring, fettling, polishing, sanding and buffing. Safety recommendations depend on the type of abrasive you will use on your hand-held machine: reinforced depressed centre wheels, flap discs, vulcanized fibre discs, resinoid cup wheels and diamond cup wheels.

80% of the accidents with abrasive products are due to their misuse or mishandling. 
The Federation of European Producers of Abrasives have produced a safety video to help
prevent end-users from getting hurt while using abrasive products professionally or for home projects.

Here are answers to a couple questions that were answered in this article on the "abrasives safety" webpage created by FEPA:

What is a safe product? What should I look for?
  • FEPA recommends that only vulcanised fibre discs conforming to EN 13743 and marked as such should be used.
  • Vulcanised fibre discs not bearing EN 13743 may not conform the highest safety standards.
  • The back-up pad should bear the mark “ISO 15636” to conform that it conforms to the requirements.
  • All discs and pack-up pads should be examined carefully for damage or defects before fitting on the machine.

How should I handle and store the wheels?
  • All vulcanised fibre discs are fragile. They should be handled with care.
  • Keep discs in their original packing on a flat, rigid surface until their immediate use. Avoid extreme temperature and damp.

For more tips and information on safety for grinding, please view this entire article on the "Abrasives Safety" webpage.

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