April 25, 2018

Replace Sanding Disc – Tricks of the Trade

"...in this video, we take a look at how to replace the sandpaper on a 
disc sander.  If “big deal” is running through your head, then you’ve 
never had to do this task. It’s harder than you think, and we’ll give 
you a couple of tips to make the process easier." 

One final thought from Abrasive Resource: Many sanding discs are manufactured with a hot melt glue as the pressure sensitive adhesive. If you remove the used sanding disc while the disc is still warm from sanding, the glue will be softer and easier to remove from your platen. 

To read the original "Tricks of the Trade" article, visit Popular Woodworking. To reorder new cloth PSA sanding discs, check out the abrasive cloth discs on www.abrasiveresource.com

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