November 11, 2005

Custom Sanding Belts

Abrasive Resource is able to supply custom sanding belts in any size--they are made up exactly to your specifications!

Here's a guide to help you measure your existing belt:
1.The first measurement is the width of the belt...simply measure straight across the width of the material. However, the width isn't necessarily the shortest measurement. The width is always the same direction that the belt joint is going (so it is easiest to measure the width near the existing joint). Just make sure you measure straight across and not at an angle like the joint is!

2.The second measurement is the entire length of the belt, or its circumference. The most accurate way to determine this is to cut the endless belt at the joint (with a utility knife), lay it flat on your workbench and measure along one side of the material --from tip to tip.

If you need to order custom sanding belts for a sander where there are no existing belts, you have two options.
1. You can take a soft measuring tape (like tailors use for sewing) and feed it through your sander, taking the exact same path the sanding belt would take, and make a note of the total length. Some of our customers have done the same thing with a piece of string, cut to the right length and then measured it out on the workbench.
2. Or, check the operation manual included with the machine. If you don't have this anymore, they often can be found posted on the Internet. Just search by the manufacturer's name and the model number.

Finally, as we become a more global society, our customers are purchasing imported sanders that often have the belt sizes listed in the manual in millimeters. Here's an easy way to convert those belt sizes into inches--divide the millimeters by 25.4. So, a 940mm x 1905mm belt converts to a US size of 37 x 75 inches!

Questions about custom sanding belts? Give us a call at 800-814-7358 or check out the Abrasive Resource website:

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