November 11, 2005

Sanding Belt Splices

Abrasive Resource is a National Distributor of coated abrasives and sanding products. Although we carry 1000's of different abrasive products, the most popular category by far is our sanding belts! We can supply stock belts for same day shipping and custom belts in sizes from 1/8" wide all the way up to 52" wide can be shipped within 24 hours!

The majority of our customers prefer a "butt splice" on their belts--the two ends of the belt are angle cut, butted together and anchored with a special film tape that is developed specifically for abrasive belts. The advantage is that this allows the belt to be bi-directional--it can be run in both directions, facilitating longer life and ease in use. We offer different thickness tapes depending on the application--some offer higher tensile strength and some are less obtrusive, making "belt chatter" less likely.

26 other splices are available as well, including the traditional lap splice. The lap or sometimes called overlap splice has all or part of the mineral removed from the top lap to provide a smooth, thin construction. Another option is a wavy butt splice. On the wavy splice the two ends of the belt are die cut with a wavy pattern, butted together and anchored with a film material pressed on the back side of the belt.

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