November 11, 2005

Surface Conditioning Abrasives

Non-woven abrasives that are used for surface conditioning on metals are becoming more popular every year as prices go down and distributor inventories go up! Surface Conditioning abrasives are manufactured by needling synthetic fibers into a woven base called the scrim. On one side of the now "fuzzy" material a mixture of resins and abrasive grains are applied. The uncoated side remains soft and fuzzy which enables it to now act as the "hook" for those customers that require the surface conditioning material in the form of a hook and loop disc.

Surface conditioning discs are not only available as hook and loop, however. Abrasive Resource has discs available with an arbor hole attachment for angle grinders or a quick-change style fastening system. In addition, surface conditioning abrasives are very popular as a belt material as well. Hand-held file belts, bench stand and backstand belts, portable sanding belts as well as stroke sander and wide belts. The three dimensional construction allows the material to follow surface variations and contours easily. The cushion of the non-woven substrate produces a consistent finish.

Most often, surface conditioning abrasives are color-coded by grit--with all of the major manufacturers following the same code (what a refreshing change, huh?) Brown or tan for coarse, Maroon or red for medium, Blue for Very Fine and Grey for Ultra Fine.

Here's a guide of the most popular uses for surface conditioning abrasives:

Edge breaking, Radiusing, Burr Removal

Eliminating mill or tool marks
Weld removal
Flash or parting line removal
Removal of handling marks
Imparting a uniform finish

Corrosion removal
Paint removal
Gasket/adhesive removal

Surface roughness reduction
Removal of micro-burrs
Cosmetic finishes (satin and brushed)

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